A Lab Rat · 21 February 2013

I feel like a lab rat. A lab rat skipping down the primrose path without a care in the world.

I do not know how many diseases sugar is linked to (besides diabetes, obesity, and cancer), but I do know how I feel after a four day sugar bender. My mouth is dry and it feels like every cell in my body is swollen.

I never realized that sugar, outside its natural state, (without any other nutrients or fiber like it has in whole foods), could do so much damage to my body. I knew about the sugar rush, day-after headaches, and dry mouth, but I never thought that aching joints and swollen body were part of the formula. I just thought those symptoms were part of getting older.

Today, I realize that if I want my bones to stop creaking and my body to stop feeling swollen everywhere, I just need to quit the sugar habit. I know I have said it before, but it seems more imperative now. For I realize the primrose path is not a path at all but rather a rodent wheel turning forever. I need to get off. I need to stop being a sugar lab rat.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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