Trail Running · 12 March 2013

Trail running is certainly a different experience than running on the road. I hope to enjoy more of it in the future.

Saturday was the second week I have run with my son’s track and field team’s distance runners. This time I actually ran with them on the narrow trail instead of striking out on my own in an unknown place. I figured it would be better to get lost with others than by myself. Thankfully, we had somebody in the lead who knew the trails, so nobody got lost.

It was fun running on the trail, but it was a bit painful. The uneven ground was not bad, but the rocks scattered sporadically along the path hurt on impact. The smaller the rocks were much more painful than the larger ones. It makes sense, but it was annoying.

Even though the little rocks pounded my feet from time to time, I wondered more about the kids’ feet as they ran in front of me. They had “normal” running shoes which I am sure cushioned their feet from all those little annoyances. But as I watched their feet strike the uneven surface of the trail, I wondered that they did not have more ankle injuries. I suppose their legs have adjusted to being on padded and elevated supports, but I still could not help but think that they probably hurt more than I did when all was said and done.

I know the soles of my feet took a bit of a beating from the little rocks scattered on the trail, but I had a great time changing directions and going on uneven footing. I am sure I worked out some different muscles. And the time went by very quickly even if the miles did not.

Trail running is a different experience that I hope to enjoy more of in the future.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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