My Daily Routine · 16 March 2013

I am not sure why the subject comes up, but people seem to ask why I get up so early every morning. The short answer is because I need to spend time with God. The long answer is because I have a daily routine that I need to follow.

Sometimes people ask the question because they wonder when I have time to write. Other times it just comes up in conversation. Regardless of how the subject comes up, I usually give people the short answer and let them know I get up to spend time with God and to write.

Sometimes, I actually tell them my whole routine.

My weekday morning routine starts out with some simple exercises. I do push ups and pull ups on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I do some sort of leg lifts (usually flutter kicks) and one-legged squats on Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes I put in a little variety to change my core workout, but regardless of what exercises I do, it is usually just a five minute routine.

After that, I take a shower and get dressed.

The important part comes next when I feed my heart, mind, and body. I read my Bible and pray. I eat. Then, I write, edit, and post. Together, these things fill me and prepare me for the day ahead. They get me started off right.

Lastly, I brush my teeth and head off for work.

It is a simple routine that I have had, minus the writing, for years. Which is why it does not feel right if I miss any of the steps.

When they ask, I still like to give people the short answer that I need to spend time with God. But now, I can point them to my blog when people ask why I get up so early in the morning.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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