Laces Only Minimalist Shoes · 21 March 2013

A friend of mine sent me a picture of laces only minimalist shoes. I thought it was an article about some new thing and I thanked her for it saying that it was a great picture, but I did not have time to read the article. She wrote me back and told me it was just the picture.

I felt like quite the fool. After all, what moron would think that a company would make laces you put on your feet. Obviously, one like me. Then, I thought about it a bit. A person could probably make a ton of money selling these laces only minimalist shoes. A bit of adhesive, some fabric with eyelets, and some shoe laces could sell for the same price as other minimalist shoes. Or more. The claim that they are just like going barefoot would be undeniable.

Then again, even a moron like me who thought the shoes might be real in the first place would never buy a pair of laces only minimalist shoes. Regardless of the price. Or how many people sent them pictures.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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