Milk · 22 March 2013

Apparently, milk does not do every body good.

In my reading about health and different ways of eating, I have read about the detriments of dairy to the body. I have even felt the negative effects. But my wife and a couple friends really have adverse reactions to dairy. Which makes me wonder about milk.

My wife has been allergic to milk since she was a kid. Even so, she still eats a bit of dairy, mostly in the form of cheese. She knows when she overdoes it because of the amount of phlegm in her body. She does not eat that much, but she would rather have the taste than go without. Even though she suffers the consequences that go with it.

My friend Andie is not allergic to milk, but found out she has food allergies. She had to cut out lots of foods from her diet and then add them back in one at a time to see what was ailing her. She said she felt great when she took out dairy. She added it back in when it was time and found out it was not the culprit. Still, except for a weekly indulgence, she has taken dairy back out again. Andie says that she has more energy without milk and she likes not dealing with the digestion and stomach issues it gives her.

Another friend, Kailyn, had to give up milk because it was affecting her nursing son. She used to drink gallons of milk before she found out it was affecting him. Even though it seems unrelated, she also has asthma. The asthma used to cause her to wheeze and cough when she ran. Kailyn said that when she and her sister would run, her sister always asked if they needed to stop because of her wheezing. She always said no and they kept running. After she gave up dairy, they were both amazed that the wheezing was gone (even though the asthma was not). Now they can run and not worry about her wheezing and coughing anymore.

My brother and others also have stories about giving up dairy. Their stories range from being less phlegmy like my wife to having fewer bouts of asthma and less stomach and digestion issues like my friends.

I know it is not very scientific, but with all these people’s and other anecdotal evidence, I wonder what dairy really does to a body. Their stories (and my own) make me wonder if milk really does any body good.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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