A Much Deeper Conspiracy · 28 March 2013

I did not realize how deep this healthy conspiracy went.

When God told me to write this blog, I always thought it was just about me. I figured God wanted me to be healthy and become a better writer. I never realized that there were so many others (who actually read my stuff) who God was conspiring against. Rather for. I know God has also been conspiring for my Dad.

Dad quit smoking cold turkey after his doctor gave him an ultimatum. “Quit smoking or die.” That ultimatum came after his second heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery. Dad told me he had a couple smokes after that, but those were it. He has never looked back.

I have told that story for many years. Mostly to let people know that they can kick addictions and habits. That they can do whatever they set their minds to do. Now, I want to tell another story. A story that has just begun.

Actually, the story began when I started writing this daily blog about health. I did not know it then, but God wanted Dad to be prepared when I told him he needs to give up processed foods, meat, and dairy. The surgeons have not told him that, but they did tell him his blocked arteries will not be helped by surgery. And they will probably not tell him that his blocked arteries could be unblocked by changing his diet. Nor will they give him the ultimatum that he needs to change his diet or else. That is where the conspiracy comes in.

Dad has been given more than one chance to stick around. This must be at least his third. I know his heart can get stronger and his arteries can become less clogged. He just needs to cut out the bad food. And he needs to do it cold turkey. Just like he did with the cigarettes.

He cannot worry that there is still meat in the freezer. That is like the cigarette story too. He did not smoke the rest of the carton when he got the ultimatum about smoking. He can give away the meat and cheese and go green right away. The meat might have cost a pretty penny, but that is nothing compared to the health benefits he can still derive from changing his eating.

I want to tell the story of Dad changing his diet and getting another new lease on life. I want to tell it at least as many times as I have told the cigarette story. I know he still has lots to do. I realize it will not be an easy road to recovery. But I also know God is on his side. I know because I now realize God’s healthy conspiracy reaches far beyond me.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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