Not Too Thin · 30 March 2013

“You can never be too rich or too thin.” Or so the saying goes.

A couple days ago, my wife said I was looking too thin right before she contradicted herself with the old saying. I had to think about it a little bit, but decided that as long as a person did not have an eating disorder or some other disease that was causing weight loss, there really is no such thing as being too thin.

I came to this conclusion after thinking about the book Eat to Live. The author, Dr. Fuhrman, says that our bodies want calories and nutrients. They will tell us to stop eating when we have eaten enough of each. So as long as we are not just eating empty calories – calories devoid of nutrients – we can eat until we are satisfied.

I have found this to be true as I have changed my eating. As I have eaten less meat, dairy, and junk food, I have found I am satisfied and my weight has decreased and then stabilized. Plus, the less junk food I eat, the less junk food I want. And even when I do eat junk, I find I really did not want it in the first place.

It is true that our bodies do not always provide us with proper feedback. But when we treat them right by feeding them the proper foods, they can and do tell us what we ought to eat. And more importantly, how much. When we purge our lives of empty calories and feed our bodies food packed with nutrients, we can start listening to what they say again. We can get proper feedback from our bodies.

When our bodies are working right and giving us proper feedback, the old saying is true. You really cannot be too rich or too thin.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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