The Insidious Enemy · 4 April 2013

The insidious enemy lurks in pantries and refrigerators everywhere just waiting to be eaten.

I just searched through my blog posts for “sugar” and found it seemingly everywhere. It is one of the topics I have spent much time detailing. Probably because it is such a problem for me. And probably for all of us. It is an insidious enemy, seemingly harmless, but always there waiting to strike when we eat it.

I laid out one of the main reasons sugar is such a problem for me when I wrote about white food. Processed foods that have few nutrients, whether they have many calories or few, are no good for us. We need to stay away from those foods if we want to be healthy because they are really just sugar in disguise.

Whether we are eating sugar or food that changes to sugar very quickly once it enters the body, I found a particularly interesting pattern emerge when I looked at old posts. I tend to eat more white food around the holidays.

It is probably not a surprise to most folks, but this pattern did make me think. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and birthdays all have sweets associated with them. Candy, cake, pie, and chocolate tend to go with many holidays and holy days. And at least for me, so does sugar binging.

Knowing this trend does not make it any easier to stop eating the white stuff, but it ought to make me more aware that certain times of year are more dangerous than others when it comes to eating properly. After all, it is much easier to indulge in the bad foods when they are more readily available. Like during the holidays.

I am sure I will not always avoid sugar binging, but I can at least be aware of my surroundings and the time of year. I can at least remember that I need to be more on my guard for the enemy when the holiday and holy days come around.

Sugar and white foods – the dangerous foods – are everywhere. I need to beware. I need to beware because the insidious enemy is out there. Lurking in pantries and refrigerators everywhere just waiting to be eaten.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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