Out of Shape · 9 April 2013

It does not take long to get out of shape.

Before this weekend, I had not run or played basketball for almost two weeks. When I finally got back on the road again, my running was labored. I was not smooth. I could not go very far. But I was able to make it up the hill without stopping. The hill is the steep closed road about a half mile long that I have mentioned before. I like to run up it and I have even gotten to the point where I can run down it without hurting myself.

While I was not very fluid running (I actually felt like I was plodding), I did manage to run on the basketball court fairly well. At least, I was not huffing and puffing each time up and down the court. We had only one sub and I was able to run well the whole time I was in the game. Not that I played extremely well or anything, but at least I was able to run up and down the court the whole game.

I need to run more to stay (or get back) in shape. In just a couple weeks, my legs were not ready tackle the distance I wanted to go. Or maybe my mind was just not willing to let me go. Either way, I never realized how quickly we can get out of shape.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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