Weight Loss Challenge · 11 April 2013

A friend of mine posted a weight loss challenge on facebook recently. I commented that I might have done it six months ago. I should have commented that I know an easy way for one of her friends to make some easy money.

Knowing what I know now, I would tell anybody considering weight loss to go vegan or consider a macrobiotic diet. They are both quick, easy, and healthy ways to lose weight. I have not gone all the way vegan and I have lost weight. The best thing though is that I have lost the weight without giving up anything but meat and dairy.

It seems people can lose weight, but most cannot keep it off. I could always lose five pounds, but it would come right back. The younger I was, the slower it took to get it back, but as I have aged, the pounds seemed to come back quickly. Sometimes in days.

I know that I have not been at my lowered weight for a very long time, but I believe I can keep my weight down indefinitely as long as I am eating well. Mainly, because I do not really watch how much I eat. I just watch what I eat.

If I was to join in my friend’s weight loss challenge now, I would surely just be throwing my money away. After all, I do not think I need to lose any more weight. But anybody with weight to lose who is considering this type of challenge ought to at least consider going vegan or macrobiotic. It might be a bit unfair, but it should be easy money.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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