Pickle Juice · 18 April 2013

I did not really think about the other downfall to playing basketball – cramps – because I beat them this time with pickle juice.

When you run around a lot, whether it is playing basketball or doing any physically taxing endeavor, you sweat. If you do not replace your fluids fast enough, you get cramps. Or at the very least, you can feel the cramps coming. Even when I drink lots of water during a basketball game, for some reason, I still have the propensity to get cramps.

When I got home from playing basketball this past weekend, I could feel my legs and toes were about to cramp up. I knew the cramps were going to be excruciating if they reached their potential. I ate a banana and drank some water to help keep them at bay and be able to sleep.

Then, my wife suggested I drink some pickle juice.

I am not sure who figured it out or why they came up with it, but pickle juice has been touted as one of the best ways to replenish electrolytes after exercise. I am not sure how or why, but the juice keeps cramps away. I know, because I took my wife’s advice and drank some while I could feel my legs and toes begin to cramp. Thankfully, those cramps never got to the vicious debilitating stage thanks to my wife’s advice and the pickle juice. I was able to take my battered and bruised body upstairs. Then, I slept all night. Free of cramps.

Some people would argue that the banana and water were the things that kept the cramps away. I would agree that they probably helped me sleep without cramping. But the effects of the pickle juice were immediate. I could instantly feel my muscles loosen when I drank the sour juice. Which was not the case for the banana and water which I had right beforehand. I am also confident in the healing power of pickle juice because it had the same effect years ago when I read about it for the first time.

I know that I will not always be able to beat leg and foot cramps when I am playing basketball or otherwise being active, but I ought to be able to keep them at bay. At least as long as we have an ample supply of pickle juice.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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