What Is The Plan? · 23 April 2013

Often, we just need to follow the old adage: Let go and let God. When we do that, we realize that we do not really need to know the whole plan.

The pastor at our church said yesterday that God often gives us more than we can handle so that we can learn to rely on him. This morning I read most of an article about an athlete who did not recognize God’s plan without a lot of help. I thought about these things and wondered about God’s plan for my foray into health and writing.

I have said many times during this journey that I believe God is conspiring to make me healthy. I have come to realize that the conspiracy includes more than me as far as the health part is concerned. I still do not know how far reaching it might be. But I know that there is some plan.

I also know that God wants me to be a better writer. Writing and publishing every day is so much a habit now that I do not know if I could give it up. Even when I finish this current project in August. It does not really matter whether I have more than the few readers I currently have or not. All I know is that writing and publishing each day has become a necessity for me. (I even have an idea for my next project.)

Fortunately, I do not need to know why I am supposed to be getting healthy or writing. I am just doing what God told me to do.

As I look back at the beginning of this project, I wonder how I was able to pull it off each day for the past seven months without going crazy or missing days. I realize now that God gave me strength to do it each day because it was all part of His plan in the first place.

While I may not know all the details of the plan or know all of those for whom God is conspiring, I do know that I have learned much from my journey. I have learned that I need to write and publish every day whether anybody reads or not. I have learned that eating healthy is just a choice that must be made every day. And I have been reminded again that once we make a choice the choice makes us.

When it comes right down to it, I have learned that I must do what God instructs me to do regardless of whether I know all the details of His plan. I have learned once again that we really ought to just let go and let God.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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