Diet = Die + t · 25 April 2013

A former student of mine used to say “Diet is just die with a t at the end.” I tend to agree with him. Unless we are using the term diet as the way we eat.

When we use the term diet for the way we eat, most of us can use a new one. We eat too many sweets. We eat too much processed foods. We eat too many empty calories and do not get enough nutrition. I think most people would agree that we need to change our diets.

The problem with that statement is that most people want to exchange their poor diets for other poor diets.

The problem with most diets these days is that they are just fads. They are quick fixes to a lifelong problem. I ought to know. I have tried enough of them. Usually just to lose those five pounds that I thought I needed to lose (which turned out to be more than twenty). All of them provided quick short term results. None of them proved sustainable. They failed to work because not very many people can sustain low caloric intake. Those diets were all just “die with a t at the end.”

I am passed all that nonsense of dieting. Not that I have all the answers, but I now know that I can lose weight, keep it off, and eat healthy. Nobody needs to sell me anything. Except produce. Fresh or frozen. Canned or preserved. The great thing is that I can essentially eat as much as I want. As long as I stay away from sugar and processed foods.

Of course, that is the catch. We cannot sustain any sort of healthy diet without staying away from all the addictive foods we long to eat. The problem is that the media and then our bodies have tricked us into thinking we want those foods. We do not really need fast food. We do not even need meat or dairy. We need fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Not many people can completely eat a vegan diet (or close) in our modern society, but it is certainly a worthy eating system. It is not a fad diet. And it certainly is not just “die with a t at the end.”

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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