Not Rid of Leg Cramps · 26 April 2013

I was hoping that they were gone for good, but my leg cramps have come back.

I do not know if they are back because I am exercising a bit more or drinking less water or if there is some other reason. I just know that they have come back this week with a vengeance. They have woken me up three nights this week.

Fortunately, we still had pickle juice in the refrigerator the first couple times. I was amazed at how quickly that sour elixir cured my cramps and let me go back to sleep. I was also amazed that just a few ounces were all that I needed each time.

Unfortunately, there was no pickle juice last night.

Since the magic juice was gone, I had to improvise when the cramps woke me up. I already knew the pickle jar was empty so I wondered if there was some other juice I could drink. I guzzled down water first, but that did not relieve my pain. But when I looked in the refrigerator, I found a jar of Kalamata olives.

The olive juice was not as pleasant to drink as the pickle juice, but it did the trick. Just a little bit of the liquid was all I needed. I slept the rest of the night away free of cramps.

I do not have a problem with drinking the juice of pickled vegetables, but it does lead me to wonder what is restorative in those concoctions. I need to do some investigation about replacing electrolytes to see why those juices work. With a little investigation (and the juices of pickled vegetables), maybe I can get rid of my leg cramps for good.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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