Family Health Crisis · 27 April 2013

My Aunt Charlotte said that our family is going through a health crisis. I believe this crisis is part of what God has been conspiring against all along.

As they get older, my aunts and uncles seem to be getting new maladies left and right. Diabetes, heart problems, stroke, and maybe even cancer. I told my parents that I did not feel comfortable preaching to my elders (except them), but I really ought to tell all my family members to look at their diets. After I sent a preliminary copy of this post to Aunt Charlotte, she agreed.

I started this daily blog with the goal of documenting my own journey toward health. I just wanted to keep track of my thoughts and the process itself. I never figured it would turn into a health challenge for others.

Actually, I did not really want to blog about it in the first place. I was happy to just go along my merry way, but God had other ideas. If I had just gone on this journey by myself, others could not have seen what has happened to me day by day, week by week, month by month. They could not have read about the journey that I have taken. And so I once again have confirmation that God’s plans are much better than my own.

Still, I wonder who has taken this journey with me or at least watched with a bit of fascination as an omnivore turned into an almost vegan. Even if just a few of my friends, family, and fans (both real and imaginary) were reading and watching, they have certainly gotten something out of the process. They have at least read my ramblings about the so called “God conspiracy” I have been caught up in. And maybe they have changed something in their lives to be healthier. At least I hope so.

I am thankful that I listened to God and wrote because without the writing, the God conspiracy would have just been about me. As I already said, obviously God had other plans. He was conspiring for a lot more people to get healthy than just me.

If I had had any idea that my family’s health was so much at stake, I would have issued a challenge to them right away to start eating healthy. To cut out dairy and greatly reduce their other animal product intake. I would have preached to them about cutting processed foods out of their diets, especially sugar and white rice. Then again, I did not have any results at the beginning of the journey. I was overweight and out of shape, but I did not know by how much.

Now that I have some results, I suppose I could issue a challenge. I suppose that I could tell the world or at least my family that they can be healthy if they change the way they eat. But if I was canny, I would ask them to change their diets for just six months to see if their results were the same as mine have been so far. I could tell them that it was part of some grand experiment for my blog. I (along with God) could conspire against them to make them healthy too.

I have a vested interest in this God conspiracy. Sure, I would like to cash in on my blog with a lucrative book deal, but my interest is really only about my health and the health of my loved ones. I want to play basketball and run and jump and have fun with my wife and children, brothers and sister, nieces and nephews. And I want our parents, uncles, aunts, and even their uncles and aunts to be around to enjoy it all too.

They say that a problem is merely a challenge. If that is true, then my aunt’s statement about our family’s health crisis is really that we have a larger than normal health challenge. So big that we even needed God to conspire against it.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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