Naps · 30 April 2013

Naps are not just for babies.

I used to take a nap every day at lunch time. I was not even burning the candle at both ends at that time. I just liked to sleep in the middle of the day.

I do not have a daily nap anymore, but I have gone back to napping. Now though, I just take them when I cannot keep my eyes open anymore.

Unfortunately, there is a fine line between a good nap and a bad nap.

Good naps are those quick ones that last just a few minutes and reenergize you. They give you life and vitality. And you can even sleep the night away afterward.

Bad naps last too long and keep you groggy for quite a while after you get up from them. I feel like I never really get any rest when I have a bad nap. However, I realize that I got some rest when I try to go to sleep or when I wake up extremely early the next day.

Yesterday, I had a bad nap. It was a short nap, but long enough to keep me groggy for a time. I did not really think it was a bad nap though until I woke up over an hour early this morning. Fortunately, I got back to sleep. Just in time to be awakened by my alarm. I hate bad naps.

As far as I am concerned, naps can be healthy. After all, what could be healthier than just falling asleep for a few moments when you are tired. (Assuming you are not driving or operating heavy equipment, naps can be great.) Those good quick naps can be just what the body needs to be reenergized. And if that is true, then naps are not just for babies.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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