Healthy Skin · 3 May 2013

It might not be the best indicator of health, but my skin seems healthier than it used to be. At least it does not have as many blemishes as it did before.

The other day I was looking closely at my face while I was shaving, trying to ensure that I got that elusive white whisker that I miss time and again. Even though I was looking closely, I might have missed it again because I got distracted. I was distracted because I noticed my face looked pretty good. At least the skin did. It was not too dry and it was free from acne and other blemishes.

I actually asked myself, “When did that happened?”

The only answer I could think of was sometime in the past six months. That time frame coincides with my diet change and focus on overall health. I thought about it a bit. Maybe eating differently has had something to do with my clearer skin. Maybe eating no meat (except a little fish now and then) and nary any dairy has helped my get skin healthy. Maybe becoming healthy on the inside has had benefits on the outside.

Actually, I am sure these things are true. After all, we are whole beings. Nothing we do can be thought of in isolation.

Thinking about my whole being, there are probably other aspects of my healthier looking skin. One is that I have been outside a bunch lately.

Even though we have had a very cloudy and often rainy spring, I am positive that getting outdoors has contributed to good skin and good health. (Besides often being under cloud cover, I am aware enough to keep from getting too much sun to keep from having detrimental long term effects.)

I am sure exercise and overall fitness are also factors in skin health. And there are probably many more. We can do much to change our health.

Conversely, we can look at many indicators of overall good health. And while I am sure it is not the best one, I am glad I have healthy skin.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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