The Sugarless Wagon · 10 May 2013

I need to stay on the sugarless wagon. Even though it is so easy to fall off.

Changing my eating has not been that difficult. Mostly cutting out dairy was the simplest thing to do even though there is dairy in just about everything. Weaning myself from meat was not too difficult either. But staying away from sugar and processed foods has been next to impossible.

Perhaps the biggest reason staying on the sugarless wagon has been so difficult is the notion of sugar addiction. We like the taste of sugar even though it is that insidious enemy creeping up behind us poisoning us little by little each day. Plus, we do not realize that white foods, those foods that are highly processed and far from their natural state, are not healthy either. Most breads and pastas feed that sugar addiction as much as cookies and sweets.

Thus the difficulty in staying on the sugarless wagon. Just about any packaged food provides temptation. Having a small portion is not so bad, but I often end up gorging myself after that one little bite.

Even knowing myself and my sugar addiction are not enough to keep me away from those sugary or bready treats. I sometimes find myself acting like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street eating every cookie or piece of bread in sight. I only feel remorse afterward when my head swims because of the sugar rush or later when the sleepiness comes from the lowering of my blood sugar.

I know I am weak when it comes to sugar and processed foods. I need to stay away from them. I need to get on and stay on the sugarless wagon. Even though it is so difficult to fall off.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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