I Have Ruined Her · 11 May 2013

My wife says I have ruined her. In reality, I think she is just resisting getting onto the almost vegan bandwagon.

We had homemade pizza last weekend. Whenever we do this, the kids get their own individual pizzas and my wife and I make one for ourselves. She likes Hawaiian pizza so she put some Canadian bacon and pineapple on a section of ours (since our son will not share a piece of his). As she was making those couple slices, she said I ruined her.

She repeated the phrase this week when we had tacos. She seasoned tofu and the two of us used it instead of meat. We had homemade salsa, avocados, and spinach as fixins. They were good, but my wife still thinks I ruined her.

The reason my wife says I ruined her is because she did not have any cheese. For either meal. I did not prompt her while we were making pizza. Nor did I say anything about cheese when we had tacos. She just did not use any. She would argue that my not having any cheese makes her feel that she should not have any either. However, her argument that I ruined her falters a bit since this was the first time she had forgone the cheese on either meal. After all, the boys have cheese on their pizzas, tacos, and quesadillas, so it is available for her too.

My wife is still eating meat and dairy, but not as much as she did before. She is resisting the change. She is resisting cutting them out almost completely. She is resisting getting on the bandwagon.

My wife has not gotten on the bandwagon yet, but I think she will. It is just a matter of time. So in a way, I suppose I have ruined her. Just like she said.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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