Memorial Day Barbeque · 29 May 2013

They say that Memorial Day is the start of barbeque season. I remember it as a day of going to the cemetery to visit the graves of our family members. We would see flags around the cemetery and remember those who had perished for the sake of freedom too. I know it seems that we seldom remember the fallen anymore, but we can still start off barbeque season with some sort of remembrance.

When we were kids, we would gather at the family farms before going to the cemeteries. We would visit gravesites and then go back to the farms to visit with family. We would reminisce and eat. It was both a sad time and happy time. We filled our hearts and minds with memories, both old and new, and our stomachs with wonderful food.

Today, we do not have much of a tradition for Memorial Day since we do not live near many loved ones. And since I have turned over a new leaf in terms of eating, we do not do much barbequing. I am sure we will eventually. I am sure we will fire up the grill and have lots of vegetables and veggie burgers during the barbeque season.

Grilled vegetables may not be the traditional barbeque food from days of old, but we can still have a Memorial Day barbeque. We can still remember our loved ones who have passed and those who gave their lives for freedom. We can still start the barbeque season with eating and a nice Memorial Day celebration and remembrance.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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