Heel Not Heal · 4 June 2013

I am such a moron. Today, more than other days because I just spent a bunch of time finding and fixing a simple error that I should have caught long ago. I used the word “heal” in a bunch of places (eight posts for those who are counting) where I should have been using “heel.”

Most people know that we often let our bodies “heal” by resting. These same people know that the “heel” is the back part of our foot. Apparently, I am not part of most people. At least not when it comes to spelling the word heel. The worst part of it all is that I have been using the wrong word for the whole world to see since August.

If I was the blaming type, I would share some of the blame with my friend and faithful reader, Mike. He did not make fun of me using the wrong word all this time. Even when I used it in a title of a post back way back when. (It is fixed now.) Or I could blame my wife for not reading much of what I write. (She says I just get upset when she points out errors or wants me to make changes.) But I am not the blaming type and I cannot share the blame with anyone. Especially, these two.

I suppose that I could blame my computer for not catching the error, but then again, computers have no clue about errors like that. Spell checker would certainly not catch a correctly spelled word. And I often ignore the green squiggly underlines that tell me when I make a grammatical error (because I like to break many grammatical rules) so I might have missed the glaring error even if the computer had been able to catch the misused word. (By the way, if you ever make this same mistake, do not replace all when searching for heal to replace it with heel. Especially if the word health is used over and over.)

Even if I was the blaming type, I obviously have nobody to blame but myself. Still, I do not know how I missed my mistake all these months. After all, I really do know the difference between heal and heel. (Even though I looked it up to make sure before correcting all those posts.)

I wish I was the blaming type so I could share some of the blame for misusing heal for heel. Or that I had some logical explanation for my glaring error. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, the reason I made such a silly mistake for so long is because I really am just a moron.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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