Diversions and Distractions · 5 June 2013

We all have them, but diversions and distractions are just that, diversions and distractions from what is truly important.

I am not an advocate for removing solitaire and all the other games from our computers. After all, games can be stimulating for the mind or mind numbing depending on their sophistication and complexity. And of course, how much they are played. Still, not having access to those games could prove to help us be more productive. At least it would be for me.

There are times when we can use diversions and distractions. We all need downtime. Sometimes the games on our computers, hand held devices, or phones are just what we need. The problem is that sometimes the downtime gets out of hand. Personally, I get caught up in some game vortex and I lose sleep or time with my family. Or I lose time to write.

Recently, I have been playing Spider Solitaire. It is game that requires a bit of thinking, but for the most part, it is pretty mechanical. Just move the cards where they ought to go. For some reason, I have opted to play it instead of reading or writing. Which are the most important endeavors for any writer. I have let my diversion and distraction get in the way of my passion.

I suppose part of the reason for getting distracted is because I have been so busy recently. Work, work, work. I have not had much time for anything else. So I distracted myself. Now, I am ready to get back to work. I am ready to get rid of my diversions and distractions. For the most part. After all, we do need them now and again.

We all need diversions and distractions from time to time. We just need to remember to not take them too seriously or for too long. And we need to remember that they are what they are. Just diversions and distractions from what is truly important.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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