My Writing Plan Failure · 8 June 2013

My writing plan did not work so well this week.

I have been trying to lengthen my writing process a little bit. Just by one day.

Last week (and at other times), it worked out that I was able to write one day, then edit and post the next. Unfortunately, it has not gone as well this week.

Looking back, my writing plan should have gone better this week than last because I took a day off and had a little extra time to write. Apparently, not. Apparently, just having more time does not ensure more success. At least not with writing. At least not for me.

The problem has not been content. I have written quite a bit this week. It has not even been completion. I have finished more posts this week than there are days of the week. The problem has been that I have not been able to polish those pieces enough to get them ready for posting. Sure, I am still just a hack with a website, but I would like at least a few of my posts to have some quality. Which is why I was trying to write one day, then edit and publish the next. Which is why I was so happy with my writing plan.

Unfortunately, even sticking to the plan can sometimes give dubious results. For all plans of mice and men soon go awry.

Hopefully, the plan will work better next week.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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