The Magical Fruit Demystified · 12 June 2013

Even though I now know much of the science behind beans, they are still magical.

I have been reading another book by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. called The End of Diabetes. (It has some outrageous claims about ending diabetes which I am inclined to believe, but more on that later.) One of the chapters in his book is about the magic, rather the science, of beans.

I would have mentioned this and given credit to Dr. Fuhrman before, but the science of it all did not fit the magical notion of my bean post. Besides, as much as I enjoy reading about all the different nutritional science in his book, I did not want to quote a whole chapter. So instead of just quoting all the scientific stuff, I will point people to The End of Diabetes and let them discover that the science of beans demystifies some of the magic. Suffice it to say that there is much more to beans and legumes than fiber. Much more.

Besides explaining the science of beans, the chapter also tells people how to minimize another magical aspect of beans. It tells us how to toot less. Apparently, all we need to do is follow his recommendations to chew thoroughly and add to our portion size over a period of time to let our bodies get used to the food. The unfortunate part about that part of demystification is that the kids’ bean poem is not as applicable.

I love all the science of beans that Dr. Fuhrman gives in his book. I also enjoyed reading about how to lessen the gaseous effects of beans. His chapter did much to demystify the food. Even so, I cannot help but think that in a myriad of ways, beans still are and always will be the magical fruit.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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