Saddle Sore · 14 June 2013

I have been saddle sore lately and I have not been doing any horseback riding.

My wife has always said that I do not have much of a rear end, but nowadays I am sore pretty much whenever I sit down. It could be that most of the chairs I sit in do not have any padding, but it might also be that I have less padding than I did before.

Now lest it sound like I am complaining about losing weight, rest assured that I am not. There are many more advantages to being around my ideal weight than there are disadvantages. (And I have written about many of them in this blog.) It is just that sometimes it is hard to think (and write) when you are saddle sore. (No, it is not because that is where my brain resides.)

I do not know that I will ever have enough padding to keep my tush from the being attacked by hard chairs and even soft ones, but I guess being saddle sore (whether from riding horses or just sitting) is s small price to pay for losing a bit of weight.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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