A Guardian Angel · 15 June 2013

Nobody would call my friend, Marc, an angel, but he was my guardian angel yesterday.

It is good to have friends and a support system when you are on any journey. They are there to help you steer clear of dangers. Even when that danger is just you. While Marc has a cynical outlook on life much of the time, he does watch out for his friends. Even if he usually does it with a sarcastic remark or defers any thanks lest people think him too good of him.

Yesterday, Marc did neither. He just said, “Don’t.”

I was about to eat another cookie out of a box of leftovers that were sitting in the staff room. I had finished my lunch and was just mindlessly eating those goodies. (Which are really baddies.) Marc did not say anything on the first few, but he was obviously watching. When I opened the container for one more, he used the voice.


It was simple command. A Jedi mind trick. If I had realized it then, I would have said, “These are not the droids we are looking for.” As it was, I paused with my hand in midair. Then, just to show I was not quite under his total control, I grabbed and ate a small crumb.

I suppose part of the reason I did not grab another cookie was because Marc did not have his joking smile. Instead, he had that stern look on his face that we have all seen our fathers wear when we try their patience. I do not know that I have seen that face on Marc before, but I appreciated his concern and support. I appreciated his command of the situation and his concern for me.

The moment passed and nothing more was said.

We all need friends and family to support us when we undertake an arduous journey. Especially, when we go careening out of control on the wrong path. For those times, we need special people to help us. For those times, we need guardian angels like Marc on our side.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. Liked this, a lot, Michael. :-)

    — Nancy- your cousin. :) · Jun 20, 06:50 AM ·

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