Almost Finished · 19 June 2013

I can tell that I am almost finished writing about my healthy journey. I can see the end of this writing marathon.

I am sure part of the reason I feel like I am almost finished is because the end of the school year is upon us. That seems like a great time to wrap things up. Not quite finished, but almost.

Besides the timing though, it seems that I keep writing about the same stuff. After all, there are only so many ways to say, “Eat plant-based whole foods and exercise daily to get and stay healthy.”

In some ways when the end finally does come, I am going to miss writing daily about my health, eating, running, and the whole God conspiracy thing. But in many other ways, I am excited about what comes next. I still need to get a final checkup at the doctor’s office and report on that. I still need to give a bunch more recipes too. Besides those things though, I have about exhausted my list of subjects.

I really probably do not need to wait until my yearly checkup to finish anyway. I know that I have already lost almost thirty pounds and can run farther and faster than I could a year ago. I am sure my triglycerides and cholesterol are in normal healthy ranges. Sure, I will report on those numbers when they come in, but I know I am healthier now than I was back in August when I started this new leg of my journey toward health.

In some ways, I will be glad when I finally finish writing about God’s conspiracy to make me healthy. To be sure, I will never be done with this journey toward health.

I will continue to learn and grow. Just not outward anymore. I will continue to write daily. Just not always about health. (I may not post daily either.) Rest assured though. I will continue eating right. I will continue running and being active. I will continue writing and posting. And most definitely, I will continue to believe that God is conspiring to make me a healthier, better man.

The end of this writing marathon is in sight. I am almost finished writing about my healthy journey. Almost.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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