Baggy Clothes · 25 June 2013

I am still not complaining, but another downside to downsizing is that my clothes do not fit me anymore.

I hate to admit it, but some of my clothes really should have been retired long ago. Some because they are getting threadbare. Others because the retro look is not coming back again any time soon. But most of my older clothes, even some from just a year ago, need to be retired because they simply do not fit.

I suppose I do not really need to get new clothes. I can keep wearing the big stuff and hope zuit suits or parachute pants come back into style. Not that I have those kinds of clothes. It is just that all my old clothes seem to fit like that now. They are all baggy.

While I do not like to wear baggy clothes, the saddest part about needing new clothes is that I am frugal (spelled C-H-E-A-P). I hate spending money. Especially, on something as frivolous as clothes.

Do not get me wrong. Clothes are important, but getting new pants and shirts before the old ones have holes in them is crazy. Maybe I am just dreaming, but we ought to be able to wear out our clothes like when we were kids. We ought to be able to keep wearing pants until they have holes in the knees and shirts until they have holes in the elbows or are so threadbare they are practically see-through.

Then again, I suppose that is impractical. I suppose I need to grow up when it comes to my attitude about clothes.

When it comes right down to it, I really ought to just bite the bullet and get some clothes that fit. I ought to quit complaining about having baggy clothes. At the very least, I ought to stop making it seem that I am complaining about losing weight.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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