Out of the Mouth of Babes, Part 2 · 29 June 2013

Sometimes we get the most profound wisdom out of the mouth of babes. While my kids are not babes anymore, I am still amazed when they spout wisdom.

I suppose kids can give us wisdom because they do not have many filters to slow the impulses from their brains to their mouths. They do not often stop to think before they speak. As we get older, we certainly need to have those filters, but sometimes we engage them too much. Sometimes we wish we had been able to say that special something.

That special something recently came from my youngest son’s mouth about no drop shoes. I suppose it was not truly profound, but I was still amazed when he said he loved his new no drop, no support shoes. He said:

No drop
From heel to toe
Is the only way to go

While he may not have used those exact words (he certainly did not say them in verse), I was happy that he expressed his pleasure with his new minimalist shoes. He tested them out by just standing and then by running around the store. I marveled when he said that “normal” shoes were not good for standing. They made him feel like he was leaning and needed to move forward. Then, as he was running around the store, I was even more amazed by the answer he gave when I asked whether he was going to start running with those new shoes. Although he reverted to the non-committal preteen that he is, I was nonetheless encouraged when he said, “Maybe.”

I was encouraged on another level too.

I know that one person blogging about eating, writing, and running is not going to change the world as we know it, but it can change one life. Even if that one life is residing in his own home. In the case of my younger two sons, they are feeling the effects of my writing and my running. They are feeling those effects on their feet.

My journey toward health has certainly affected my kids, but their journeys affect me as well. I was encouraged when I heard my sons say that they like the way their feet feel in their no drop, no support shoes. I was encouraged because I know I am not alone. For even if they heard it from me first, it is great to hear my kids talk about no drop, no support shoes as the way it is supposed to be. It is great because they can feel it for themselves and pass on that wisdom.

After all these years of hearing my kids come up with such gems, I should not still marvel that much wisdom comes out of the mouth of babes.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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