I Believe My Body · 9 July 2013

Sometimes it seems that I believe everything I read. But in the end, it has been my body that has shown me what to believe.

I have bought into the notion of many different eating systems as the way to lose weight and get healthy. I bought books that told me getting rid of certain foods was the way to go. I tried The Zone, Atkins, and others. But in the end, they were all just fad diets. They were all just ways to sell another book.

The problem with most fad diets is that their claims are true to a certain extent. In fact, you can lose weight with just about any fad diet. I have. Unfortunately, most of these diets are not very healthy. And most of them are not sustainable.

Even so, with all the different fad diets I have tried, my body has told me when things were not working. It told me that I was not getting enough nutrients in my body or it said I was starving myself. Looking back, I can see that being a disciplined eater helped me lose weight, but did not make me any healthier. In the end, I gave up on every fad diet I ever tried because my body said it had had enough.

When I listened to my body, it said it was done with the diets because it did not get enough nutrients. I could only stay disciplined enough to lose about five pounds. Then, my body wanted more fuel and I could not keep up the regime. I would be back to where I started with no clear way to change. Fortunately, I have found the system that works.

After eating a whole food, plant-based diet for almost a year, I hear my body saying something different than when I was trying fad diets. It tells me that I am on the right track. It tells me that I can sustain an almost vegan diet as long as I am not getting too many calories from processed foods. My body has told me that I do not need to look for another diet to be healthy.

I have believed and tried many ways to eat in my quest to lose weight. Then, when I was not trying lose weight but just be healthy with eating properly, I lost weight anyway. I am glad that I listened to my body. For it has shown me what to believe about eating.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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