Cruise Ship Weight Gain · 17 July 2013

Conventional wisdom says that people tend to gain a lot of weight on cruises because they eat so much.

When my Dad said that people tend to gain between ten to thirty pounds on a cruise, I believed him (even though between five and ten is probably more reasonable). Food is available almost all the time and people tend to eat as much as they want whenever they want.

On our recent seven-day cruise, there was food everywhere. But I am proud to say that I only gained two tenths of a pound. (Yes, I am bragging a bit.)

Some might think that I held back. That I did not eat very much. Those people do not know me very well. I ate and ate and ate. I had hearty breakfasts, usually of fruit, oatmeal, and some sort of bread like pancakes or French toast. I ate salads and wraps and even some French fries at lunch. And I had at least two entrees at every dinner. The last three nights, I had three! And of course, I had dessert with pretty much every meal.

The key to eating so much and not gaining any weight was sticking to my eating regime. The food I ate was mostly whole plant foods. Eggs were in many dishes and I had plenty of seafood. In other words, I ate like I do at home. I just had more volume and the food was more decadent. And I still only gained two tenths of a pound.

Conventional wisdom might be right, but when eating a whole food, plant-based diet, you do not need to gain a lot of weight on a cruise. Even when you eat a lot.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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