Writing Is a Distance Race · 31 July 2013

Writing is a distance race.

When I first started this journey toward and blog about health, I was in the warm-up portion of the race. I was excited and went out too fast. It seems I got much of my best stuff out there right away.

As the race went on, I settled into a nice routine. I wrote each day and if I had time, even fleshed out new stuff for later. I was still learning many things about health, eating, running, and writing so I was still fresh and writing strong. I had settled into a comfortable pace.

As the year of writing started coming to a close, I knew the end was near. Unfortunately, I had hit the wall several times. I felt the ideas start to wane. I even revisited some ideas. Some without realizing it until I had already posted again. I have even had a heaviness to the thought of writing. It has not been a drudgery, but there have been times when I have had to work hard to get something worthy of my own standards. Still, I kept moving. I kept plodding along.

Now, I am getting a second wind. I may not always have fresh ideas, but I see the finish line. I know I will never be through with health or writing, but this particular race will end. I feel the second wind. I know I will hit the tape running strong.

I have thought of writing as a race before, but until now, until I could almost see the finish line, I never realized what a strong metaphor running is to writing. I never truly realized writing is a distance race.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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