Who Is Going to Read It? · 1 August 2013

As I wind down my yearlong journey toward health, I have organized my blog posts into a book format with logical sections and subsections. But I keep asking myself, “Who is going to read it?”

I know it sounds crazy, but I fantasize that everything I write ought to go into a book. Preferably my current best seller. Then, one of those best sellers ought to become my next great blockbuster movie. I know these are crazy dreams, but I also know they will not come true if I do not have them.

I also know that regardless of how much I write or even how well I write (if indeed I write well at all), it is crazy to think that anything I have written so far could become part of a successful book. Especially, the online stuff. After all, it is already online and anybody with access to the internet can read it at any time. So why would they need a book?

Still, as I write and post, I keep things organized offline. In doing so, I have found there are certain key topics that crop up. And within these topics are subtopics. People who read online see my daily progress and know the things I have been thinking and feeling as I have gone through this yearlong metamorphosis. But if I organized things properly and edited well, perhaps I do have a book that people could use to change their own health.


The problem is the original question that I keep asking myself. Who is going to read my book?

There are many books about health. I have mentioned my own favorites about running and eating. I have even added to and subtracted from that list of favorites along the way. But I am afraid that my book would not make other people’s favorite lists. I am afraid it would not make much of a splash in the sea that is bookselling.

Now before my brother or any of my online fans chime in to say I am just getting down on myself, let me assure you all that I am not. I am just being logical. If I made my blog into a book, nobody would care. After all, who wants to read a book by Joe Schmoe? Michael T. Miyoshi, a.k.a. MediocreMan, is no superhero. He is certainly not a celebrity who could sell his own book just because he is a celebrity. And he is no health expert. He really is just Joe Schmoe. The guy down the street who everybody knows.

I suppose that is my shtick. If a nobody like me can change his life from somewhat overweight and moderately active to healthy and full of vitality, anybody can do it. You do not need hours and hours to shape your body. You do not need lots of money to buy the right gym equipment or eat healthy food. Anybody and everybody can truly be healthy. Just by choosing to be.

I know it is not much of a marketing plan. I do not have lots of fans. I do not any testimonies of people telling me they have made many of the same changes I have made with similar results. I do not have any celebrities endorsing me. I just have a blog and a year of writing.

More importantly though, I have my health. Which is all I set out to get in the first place.

I might sound like a sadsack bemoaning my status in life, but I am not. After all, I may just be MediocreMan, but I have reported comprehensively about my journey toward health. I have written pages and pages of my thoughts, feelings, and actions on this journey. I have categorized and organized those pages. So whether or not I sell any copies, I will still write my book. Even if I keep asking myself, “Who is going to read it?”

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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