Ideal Weight · 2 August 2013

I am done losing weight.

When I started my healthy journey, I never dreamed that I needed to lose twenty-something pounds. I would have been happy to lose the five pounds that I had lost on just about every fad diet out there. Then again, losing five pounds is easy. The problem is that I always found it again (usually with some new friends) when I gave up the fad and went back to my normal way of eating.

The weird thing is that when I started eating this whole food, plant-based diet, I went right by those five pounds and kept losing weight. It was strange because it took no effort or will power.

Then, the weirder thing was that after I had lost over twenty pounds, I had a notion that I ought to keep losing weight until I had lost thirty pounds. Just so it would be a nice round figure to report. (I never thought about the fact that it would mean losing eighteen percent of my body weight instead of just fifteen.)

I do not think I can lose those last four or five pounds without starving myself.

I do not know that my current weight is my ideal weight, but if not, it is close enough. After all, I can fluctuate three to five pound without having any concerns. I know I can gain five pounds or more with a few days of sugary treats, but I can lose it just as fast by keeping away from those dastardly foods. I just cannot go back to eating unhealthy all the time. (Which is okay, because I do not want to do so.)

I never set out to lose as much weight as I have, but eating right (remember, plant-based, whole food) and exercising has done wonders. And, since I am not dieting, I am not hungry. So I have no reason to go back to a way of eating that will start packing on the pounds again like I used to do after dieting.

I am not sure whether I am at my ideal weight or not. But when all is said and done, I am done losing (and gaining) weight.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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