Health Does NOT Just Happen · 3 August 2013

It ought to be obvious, but health does not just happen.

Unfortunately, we buy into the notion that we can eat whatever we want and abuse our bodies however we want and still stay active and healthy for as long as we want. In reality, health takes effort. We need to eat properly and get in a little exercise. We need to rest our bodies and minds. And we need to adjust our lives when we get injured or when life just happens. In short, we need to plan for health.

The strange thing is that we hear this message all the time. And yet no matter how many times we are told that we need to be vigilant and protect our health, we still take good health for granted.

Still, if we take our health for granted for too long by abusing ourselves with poor food choices, sedentary lifestyles, and unhealthy environments, we can lose that good health in no time at all. Our bodies will rebel. Or at the very least, they will not perform to the best of their abilities. I hate to say it, but the old saying is true. If we fail to plan for health, we plan to have failing health.

With all of the good information out there, we really ought to know how to treat ourselves for optimum health. But since the obvious is apparently not so obvious, I will state it again. Health does not just happen.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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