My New Body · 17 August 2013

My wife commented that I must like showing off my new body when I was walking around with no shirt one day. We were in the privacy of our own home, so I do not really consider it showing off, but I must admit that I do like my new body.

The nice thing about seeing my new body in the mirror is that I have not just lost weight or merely had external changes. Things have happened inside my body to make it new.

While I have not taken a test to see what my body fat percentage is, I know that I am leaner (not as much jiggle). The blood work says I am healthier (HDL up, triglycerides down). And I know I am fitter (no more huffing and puffing after just running a block or two). I truly am healthier. I truly have gotten a new body. And that new body is better both inside and outside.

Even though all the fitness crazes infer that we ought to, I may never have washboard abs, but they do not define my fitness level or my body. In fact, even without them, I must admit to both my wife and myself: Yes, I do like my new body. (And yes, I do like showing off just a bit.)

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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