Dates and Raisins · 22 August 2013

Dates and raisins are the perfect foods for anybody with a sweet tooth.

Dates and raisins are chewy, sticky, sweet, and delicious treats. And they are healthy. After all, they are just dried fruit. They are just what the sweet tooth ordered.

As much as I like cookies and other sweet treats, I really need to stay away from them. Whether they are homemade or not, they are dangerous. At least for me. I find it difficult to eat less than a half dozen at a time. Each cookie leaves me wanting more.

I do not find myself overindulging when I eat raisins or dates. I might eat several handfuls of raisins, but they satisfy my craving for sweets instead of leaving me wanting more. The same is true with dates. Just a couple of those sticky sweet dates satisfy my desire for treats.

Unfortunately, there are still times when I still find myself being an irrational cookie monster wanting (and often eating) cookie after cookie. But I know I can satisfy my sweet tooth by reaching for those perfect treats. Dates and raisins.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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