Little Need for Snacks · 23 August 2013

The more I eat plant-based, whole foods, the less I feel the need to snack.

I thought the conventional wisdom that said having four or five small meals throughout the day was how things were meant to be. But when I eat little to no processed foods, I do not feel hungry between meals. At least once the toxins are purged or at least mostly gone from my system.

I suppose this no snacks needed phenomenon is more proof that there is such a thing as sugar addiction. When I eat the good whole foods, I am satisfied. I have no cravings. I do not get that empty feeling in my stomach a couple hours after eating that says I need to have a snack. But the more processed foods I have in my diet, the more I need to snack.

Since it is difficult to completely avoid processed foods in modern society, I wondered how much we can tolerate before we get the cravings. Before we need to snack. While I am sure it varies from person to person, I have found that a couple pieces of bread is about it for me. When I eat more than a sandwich and a few chips, I definitely want more. And more. And more. Or I will need a snack in a couple hours (or less).

Contrary to conventional wisdom, eating a lot is not necessarily bad. (When we eat nutritionally, we tend to get filled up without consuming tons of calories.) Even snacking is not necessarily bad. (Again, when we eat the right foods.) The thing is that when we eat those good plant-based, whole foods, we can eat lots of volume and get the added benefit of not needing to eat snacks all the time.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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