Going All In · 27 August 2013

My wife commented that when I decide on a course of action, I go all in. She was talking about eating and my choice of footgear, but it really applies to all my life.

I have gone all in on the way I eat even though true vegans and at least one of our friends might call me a cheater vegan. It is true that I am not strictly vegan, but I have committed to a certain way of eating. Even though I still indulge in a few processed foods now and then, I have committed to eating a plant-based, whole food diet. Yes, I eat fish (usually, just a couple times a month) and eggs (about once a week). But that is because I had committed long ago to keep away from pills. To my way of thinking, I would rather have a little bit of animal product to get all my nutrients from foodstuff than take some pill that might have unknown detrimental effects. (Besides, I figure if God had meant us to eat pills, He would have made pharmaceutical trees.) So even if true vegans would not necessarily agree with my food choices, I have gone all in on getting healthier by the way I eat.

I have also gone all in on the footgear I wear. Besides my cowboy boots, all of the shoes I wear on a regular basis have no drop from heel to toe and no arch support. They are no-shoe shoes. I run, walk, and live as close to barefoot as I possibly can. It has taken time to develop my leg and foot muscles to do so, but I was committed to it almost from the start.

Most of the reason I have gone all in is actually reason itself. I have done research – reading and talking to people. I have also lived it for a time. And in writing about my trials, tribulations, failures, and successes, I have reasoned things out enough to declare that I am all in.

In most of the things I do, I take the time to determine the best course of action. Once I have decided on that best course, I go all in. Now I can declare, after lots of research and a year-long experiment, that I have indeed decided on the best course of action. I am all in for being healthy by eating a whole food, plant-based diet and running around nearly barefoot.

I hope many people choose to join me and go all in for being healthy too.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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