Obstacles and Setbacks · 31 August 2012

Day 4: August 30, 2012

Every worthy endeavor has obstacles and setbacks. Unfortunately, many of the obstacles to eating healthy are social and societal making setbacks all too common.

Last night we had homemade pizza for dinner. The good news is that homemade means that it was tasty and we knew what the ingredients were. The bad news was that pizza has dairy and meat. Or at least ours did. I happily ate it and was satisfied with far less than I have been in the past. And I did say I was just going to reduce my meat intake for now.

My wife, The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi, has said that I pose a problem for her. (My writing sometimes poses a problem for her too, which is why I am using the same family names I use in my MediocreMan blog.) The problem with my meat and dairy intake reductions is that first, they are so yummy. And second, it means that she needs to cook a different way than she has been doing for all her life.

When I look in the refrigerator, I see the leftover chicken and beef we have had for the past couple weeks. I am still eating it all, but in smaller portions. That means the leftovers are lasting longer. Since The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi does not like leftovers (and she has trained the kids to be the same) and I do not like to waste food, I will be slowly going through the meat until is gone or we throw it out.

Our growing boys, Thing 2 and Thing 3, are eating lots of food so you would think that they could eat the leftovers. After all, Thing 2 is a carnivorous, albeit lean, beast. Thing 3 only eats hot dogs and chicken nuggets as far as meat goes, so he will not eat the leftovers either. Still, he is eating more food as he approaches his teen years. Needless to say, getting my wife to buy into my new thoughts on eating is going to be tough, but I know we can all get to healthier eating in time. And maybe the leftover meat will just be a memory eventually.

Eating a bit of meaty cheesy pizza was a small setback, but a different setback proved to be a valuable experience.

We had our first day back to school with the whole staff yesterday. As always, there are sugary treats. I avoided the doughnuts and cinnamon rolls, but succumbed to cookies. After I ate a few, I got a familiar sugar rush. (When I have lowered my sugar intake before, I have been able to think clearly and concentrate for longer periods of time. These past few weeks, I have also noticed that I do not crave naps as much either. The Mindboggling Mrs. Miyoshi would certainly call me a liar here because I still like to nap on weekends, but I actually have been less tired in the middle of the day.) The sugar rush that I get when I have not had much for a while makes me feel light-headed and less focused than normal. It is always amazing to me that I get this way, but it is not a feeling I like. The revelation was that if I am eating sugar and lots of processed food all the time, I must get used to that light-headed unfocused feeling all the time. That revelation will probably not keep me completely away from cookies, but it will at least make me think twice about what I am putting into my body. Or at the very least how much.

These are just a couple of the obstacles and setbacks I have encountered so far. I am sure to be writing about many more along the way. After all, I know I will encounter resistance on my journey. But I am still determined to run toward being a healthier me regardless of the obstacles and setbacks that I face.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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