Stir Fry · 2 April 2013

Photo by Lisa C. Miyoshi


bell peppers
green beans
napa cabbage
(any vegetables you like)
vegetable oil
chili sauce
black bean sauce
sesame oil


(I know it does not seem like much of a recipe. But that is really what stir fry is all about – throw stuff together and fry it.)

Rinse, then cut up any vegetables you like in whatever quantities and mixtures feel right. Nothing is wrong when you stir fry. If you want more protein than what you get with your vegetables add tofu. Squeeze the water out of the tofu before cutting it to a desired size. Use a little vegetable or coconut oil in the bottom of the pan (or wok) to keep the vegetables from sticking. Fry on high heat until vegetables are as tender or as firm as you desire. Flavor the dish with chile sauce for a bit of spiciness, black bean sauce for a little saltiness, and a bit of sesame oil for a little something extra. Try any, all, or none of the flavorings. Try your own as you get more adventurous. As with ingredients, nothing is wrong when flavoring stir fry.

If you need specific quantities of ingredients, sorry. Ingredients and flavors are dictated by choice. My Grandma and Mom used to make stir fry based on what was on hand (in the vegetable garden, pantry, refrigerator, or freezer). Spinach (especially frozen), napa cabbage, or other leafy greens work as well as any other vegetable in stir fry. You can use tofu or not use tofu. Vary the ingredients and seasoning until you find what you like. Then vary it some more for variety. After all, you may as well try, if you’re gonna stir fry.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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