Cooking with Tofu · 24 April 2013




Let the tofu drain (it is stored in water). Then cut up and use in whatever dish.

It is not really a recipe, but tofu deserves its due. It goes great with anything and it does well as a meat substitute in recipes. (Growing up, we had it in stir fry and other dishes that also had meat.) It does not have the same texture as meat, but it can help to alleviate people’s apprehension about getting enough protein.

Besides being a meat substitute in recipes, people also use tofu for a cheese substitute. We tried it once that way. Unfortunately, it took a bit of work to prepare and we did not like it that much, so we will probably not be eating tofu that way again.

My wife never thought she would like tofu, but she eats it and actually enjoys it now. She usually cooks it with sesame oil and says that is what makes it edible. I like it however it is prepared, so I just agree with her.

The good news is that if you eat enough vegetables (especially, broccoli and spinach), you ought to be getting enough protein. But if you still want more protein, eat tofu.

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