Pizza Sauce · 11 July 2013


12 oz. can Tomato sauce
8 oz. can Tomato paste
~ 8 oz. Water
Italian seasoning


Put the tomato sauce, tomato paste, some water (rinse out the tomato paste can), and the seasoning (enough for your own taste) into a sauce pan. Stir. Cook at medium heat reducing the mixture until it is at the desired consistency.

Our youngest son makes a great pizza sauce. He puts in Italian seasoning and oregano to taste rather than measuring it out. He stirs and tastes it every once in a while as it is heating. Then, he reduces the heat when it starts making large bubbles that make a splattery mess.

The boys like having their own personal pizzas and my wife and I like it that they can help out in more ways than just putting their favorite items on the pizza. They can help with making the dough and actually make the sauce. Homemade pizza night has been and continues to be a family night of cooking and eating. It is a good thing our youngest is the one to makes the sauce. It means we will continue to have great pizza sauce without lifting a finger for many years to come.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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