A Meeting of the Mikes · 14 April 2010


A busy meeting room is filled with rows of chairs as men mingle and greet one another in the back and at their seats.  The men are dressed casually (slacks and button down shirts) with an occasional man dressed in a suit and a few dressed in blue jeans, work boots, and t-shirts.  Handshakes and hugs are given and received by all.  Many introduce themselves to those they have not met before.

mike jones

(while shaking hands)

Hello.  My name is Mike Jones.

mike jones02

(also shaking)

Wow! My name is Mike Jones also.

mike jones

Also.  That is a funny last name.

Both men laugh and turn to small talk.

mike wazowski

(while shaking hands)

My name is Mike Wazowski.  Yeah, like the monster.

mikhail ramirez

(also shaking)

My name is Mikhail Ramirez.


My mom is Russian but she didn’t like Gorbachav.

(normally again)

How are you this fine day?

Small talk ensues between these two as well.

mike chan

(shaking hands)

Hello.  My name is Mike Chan.

mikey kennedy

(also shaking)

My name is Mikey Kennedy.  But you can call me Michael, Mike, or anything but late for dinner.

Both laugh and turn to small talk about business, sports, etc.

mickey flynn

(shaking hands)

Hi.  My name is Mickey Flynn.  Yes, Mickey, like the mouse.

misha smith

(also shaking)

My name is Misha Smith.

(after a quizzical look from Mickey Flynn)

A friend of mine spoke a bunch of different languages so he called me Misha and another guy at my school Mike.  So then everybody called me Misha and it just stuck.

mickey flynn

Glad to meet you Misha.

A man walks up to the podium at the front of the room.  As he motions and speaks into the microphone, the men start to take their seats and quiet down.

mike jones

(motioning everybody to sit and speaking into the microphone)

Okay everybody.  It is time to get started.  Have a seat.  There will be time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones when we finish.

Backs are still slapped and handshakes are still exchanged until everybody is pretty much settled and the man obviously in charge (Mike Jones) starts to speak again.

mike jones

(looking around the room)

Is the sergeant-at-arms present?

Somebody near the back is standing near the door and raises his hand and waves.

mike jones

(recognizing the man in the back)

Good to see you MJ.  Could you please close the door so that we can call this meeting to order?

MJ starts to close the door.  Somebody can be heard outside the closing door running and yelling.


(out of breath and loudly)

Wait!  I am coming!

MJ keeps the door open for Joe to enter.  Joe puts his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

mike jones

(to the group)

Ah.  A new member.

(to Joe through the mic)

What is your name sir that we might welcome you properly?


(after taking in a deep breath)

Joe Snow.

mike jones


Not Michael Joe or Joe Michael?




mike jones


Do you go by a name different  from one of your given names perhaps?


(still confused)

No.  Just plain Joe.  Joe Snow.

Mike Jones looks a bit stymied but puts on reading glasses and looks at a sheet of paper on the podium.  A man standing next to him looks on too and points at a specific line.

mike jones

(to the other man on the stage)

Thank you.

(to Joe)

Your meeting is in the Green Room.

(pointing to his own left)

That way three doors down.


Thank you.

Joe leaves and MJ shuts the door behind him.

mike jones

(to the assembled crowd)

On today’s agenda…


In the background, Mike Jones starts the meeting with a joke or two.  The talk eventually fades to inaudible talking and laughing.

INT.MEETING ROOM.DAY (just inside the door)

The sergeant-at-arms, MJ, opens the door a crack to a late comer.



Is this the meeting of the Johns?


(also whispering and pointing to his right – the opposite way of the Joes meeting)

No.  They are next door that a way.

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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