Naked · 26 April 2010

The hallway is empty.  Nobody is in sight.  The hero, Taylor, moves down the hallway (first person perspective) looking into each room as he/she walks.  Thoughts go through his/her head as he/she walks and wonders why nobody is in the halls or in the classroom.


(thoughts in his/her head)

Where is everybody?  Is it a weekend?  Is there school today?  My feet are sure cold?  Where are my shoes?

As Taylor moves down the hall, he/she goes into a familiar room.


(thoughts in his/her head)

Come to think of it, my whole body is cold.

He/she opens the door and sees his/her full class and at the same time realizes.


(thoughts continue)

Oh my gosh!  I’m naked!

Everybody points and reacts in astonishment.  Some turn away, some gawk, some laugh, some try to cover other’s eyes.  And then everybody is gone.

Darkness.  Somebody is shaking the hero.  His/her head comes up from a doze on the table and sees people looking.  Some are gawking, some laughing, some are trying to cover other people’s eyes.  He/she is still naked.  He/she is still dreaming.


(screams at the ceiling)


Cut to black while still screaming.

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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