Tick Tock · 4 May 2010

A mechanical tick tock is heard throughout the picture after the traveler winds his clock.

The TRAVELER is getting ready for bed.  He brushes his teeth and is humming a tune.  He looks happy as he gets his computer and clothes ready for the next day.  He winds his mechanical clock, looks at his watch and sets the time and alarm, and then gets into bed and turns off the light.  The analog clock shows 9:30.  The traveler looks happy as he lays on his back and closes his eyes.  The only sound is the clock and an occasional cricket.

The traveler is lying on his stomach this time.  He again looks at the mechanical clock.  It shows 3:30.  He buries his head in the pillow.

The clock shows almost 6:30.  The traveler is just falling to sleep.  He is starting to snore and a bit of drool is escaping from his mouth.  The loud mechanical alarm goes off.  The traveler wakes up startled.  He slowly reaches out to turn off the alarm but it shuts off before he can get to it.  He slowly gets out of bed and shuffles to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

The traveler is sitting in a conference room.  His eye lids are heavy as he tries to pay attention to the presenter.  He takes notes and shakes his head often.  Still, his head nods frequently but his eyes stay mostly open most of the time.  The tick tock of the mechanical clock is still heard and none of the words of the presenter are heard.  The only other sounds are those mechanical sounds of computer and projector fans as well as computer keyboard and mouse clicks.

The presentations end and everybody moves out of the room.  The traveler has almost nodded off with his head on his hand and his elbow on the conference room table.  The sound of shuffling feet is heard as people shake hands and move out of the room.  The traveler stands and everybody shakes his hand before they leave.

The traveler places his tote bag in the overhead bin then moves to his seat by the window.  He puts his computer under the seat in front of him.  He buckles his seat belt, folds his arms, then closes his eyes.  In front of him, a young boy (3 or 4), TIMMY, and his mother get into their seats.  She moves directly in front and he sits in the middle seat.  He is the only voice heard throughout the movie.



Mommy!  When are we going to take off?  Where are the pilots?  Can I see the pilots?  Are we going to come home on a plane?

The plane takes off and the sound drowns out all the other sounds on the plane except Timmy’s voice and the tick tock of the clock.

The traveler can be seen nodding off and then hearing something, he looks above the seat in front of him.  He sees that the seat belt light if off and the head of Timmy is looking at him above his seat.


Mommy!  That man behind you is trying to go to sleep.  Should we be quiet?  Can he really sleep in a plane?  Whoa.  Did the plane just fall?

The hostesses come by with their trays of food and the traveler waves them off.  He sees the head of Timmy bouncing up and down.  He is still trying to sleep even though it is hopeless.  His eyelids shut for a moment, then, the plane lands.  People are filing past and weary travelers are stopping by the seat in front of the traveler and leaning over.  The traveler finally gets up and gets his stuff.  While he is getting his bag from the overhead bin, he notices the man in front of him in the aisle leaning over and patting Timmy on the head.  Timmy had obviously fallen asleep at the end of the flight and the people leaning over the seat had been patting Timmy on the head waking him up as they did so.  The mother is obviously frazzled.  The traveler gives her a wan smile and moves off the plane.  He glances back and sees the people behind him leaning over to pat Timmy on the head.  Everybody looks tired.


The tick tocking is still heard above all else.  The traveler goes into his bedroom and drops his bags on the floor.  He falls face first onto his bed and a look of bliss comes over his face.  The tick tocking of the mechanical clock is slowly overcome with sounds of the city and other clocks.  It is 9:00 and the other tick tocks of many clocks turns into cuckoos, beeps, and other reminders that the hour has struck.  Sirens outside the small city apartment can be heard.  Even as the clocks strike 9:00, the traveler can be seen smiling as he sleeps.  He is home.

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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