Love From a Computer or Computer Mismatch · 19 September 2000

2 April
I met this girl today and we talked for hours. Well, actually we didn’t meet or talk in the usual sense. We weren’t even in the same state. She was in Illinois or somewhere like that. I don’t even know her real name. I guess that is because we “talked” over a computer network. Her nickname or call-sign or handle is Kitty. Kinda cute. We talked with each other and all those other people on the net. It was kinda fun. She’s on a lot so I may be too. After all, it was my first time.

3 April
Talked again to that girl today. Katherine is her real name. She said that she likes cats so the name Kitty was natural. I hate cats. Oh well. She told me that she hoped I would be on today. We changed “rooms” to have a private conversation. That was pretty good. She likes a lot of the things that I do. Except cats. UGH!!! I guess that is OK. She likes books and soccer and food just like I do. I just thought of something… I hope she’s not ugly. I guess that I’m not the greatest looking… Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I will probably never meet her anyway. She did sent me her id file (that is just a little biography file that she sends to those that she wants to get to know better) and told me to make one and send it to her. That will be fun. I just hope I don’t get too hooked on talking on that computer. But as long as Kitty is on, it will be OK.

4 April
She said she isn’t ugly. I don’t know why I asked her but I did. We’re going to talk to each other Friday night too. Unless I go eat pizza with the guys. That would be a tough choice but I think I would rather be with “real” people. I guess she is real too but I can’t actually see her. Oh well. Wait and see I guess.

9 April
Went to eat pizza Friday but talked to Kitty this afternoon after classes. Talking on the net must take up a lot of time. She is always on. She said she missed me Friday. I told her about pizza. Also told her about being with “real” people instead of talking over a computer. She said she understood. I’m not so sure that she wasn’t a little hurt. She seemed to be a bit puzzled. I told her I would like to meet her in person sometime. She is fascinating on the computer. But what is she like in real life? In person? Probably the same.

30 April
I am getting to know Kitty real well. We’re both juniors in college. We both like to play sports and eat pizza and mess around on computers. I am starting to talk to her everyday and I seem to need it. I am getting rather attached to a girl I have never seen. Stupid. Really stupid. Oh well. I have done dumber things. Falling for a girl all the way across the country is still not in the top ten. Whatever happens happens.

18 May
We’re getting together this summer. We set it up today. Kitty said that she will be coming over here to Seattle to visit relatives for a while. I will be here too so we will finally meet! I can hardly wait. I hope she is as neat a person in person as on the computer.

22 June
What a disappointment. She could hardly speak. Not that I am very articulate or anything. She just seemed to be uncomfortable around me. We went shopping and she talked to this computer salesman for about an hour. At least it seemed like it. I didn’t understand a thing that they said.

23 June
I thought at first that it might just be the newness of seeing each other face-to-face for the first time that was affecting her. Not so. The second time we went out I found out she can’t even play video games. Pinball either!

24 June
I thought she might like seeing a movie the third time out. We both liked the movie but we really didn’t talk much afterward. She gave me a goodnight kiss but like our conversation, it seemed forced.

25 June
She went back today. Before she got on the plane, I told her that it would never work. She agreed. Glad that is over. I’ll never fall for a girl on the computer again!!!

19 September
I met this girl on the computer today. She was fun to talk to. After about an hour I found out that she was only a couple buildings down from where I was. We’re going out for pizza Friday.

© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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From Musings of a Mediocre Man published September 2000.


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