One-Hundred Unique Words · 8 September 2003

A challenge in the Parade magazine in the Sunday newspaper said to write a paragraph of one-hundred unique words. No repeats. Below is my result.

One, two, three, four are words that I can not use any more. But five, six, seven, eight still sound really great. As the count gets higher less choice exists for a completely unique paragraph with no repeated phrases. However, having dictionaries near at hand, stalwarts will undoubtedly create works worthy of praise. After all, ten-thousand different nouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc. could come together in inspired minds. Perhaps even coherently. True difficulty arises from heavy reliance on pronouns, prepositional preponderance, be-verb abuse, few conjunctions, limited articles, and little exposure to literary creativity. Somebody should also mention something about cavalier attitudes. Nevertheless, counting verbiage thus far yields greater than one-hundred. Challenge complete. Job done. None too soon. (First couple lines were probably cheating, okay. Without them made it anyway.)

© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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