Where Have All the Parents Gone? · 26 September 2000

Where have all the parents gone?
     We’re out here on the streets
Begging dimes and nickels
     Like we ain’t got ought to eat.
We’re out here with our leather on
     Our hair – some fancy ‘doo.
Long or short or none at all
     And many colors too.
We all say we’re rebels.
     But we really got no cause.
We’re just out here wandering
     Seeing who will give us pause.

Where have all the parents gone?
     Can’t you see or don’t you dare?
We just need some love and guidance
     We need someone to care.
We need someone to teach us
     What is right and wrong.
We need someone to show us
     How to sing our song.

We need someone to teach us
     Besides the man on the street.
The one who looks us over
     And treats us just like meat.
But to him we’re something special.
     He gives us what we need.
He gives us some attention.
     He plants a little seed.
He gives us what we want and more
     He takes us from this hell.
But then we’re back and need some more
     Some more of what he sells.

Where have all the parents gone?
     I did so well in school.
But it doesn’t really matter
     I’m just as well a fool.
I did real well in sports this year
     And I even got an A.
But no one’s home to shout for joy
     No one gives a big Hooray!
I flunked out of school this term
     Friends said that’s OK.
At home nobody hollered
     They had nothing to say.

Where have all the parents gone?
     They’re out there making money
So that we’ll have the good life
     Now ain’t that kinda funny.
We don’t need another car
     No we don’t need another.
What we need is a Mom and Dad
     A father and a mother.
We need someone to say I care
     To listen to what we say.
We need someone to hug us
     To say that we’re OK.

Where have all the parents gone?
     When will our house become a home?
Will someone help us to grow up?
     Or will we do it all alone?

© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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From Musings of a Mediocre Man published September 2000.


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