Men of Doom and Gloom · 24 September 2000

We all know men of doom and gloom.
We hate them to come into our room.
But we love it when they leave;
We all exhale sighs of relief.
When they’re near you, it’s such a pain.
All that they bring is stress and strain
To all of those who lend an ear,
To everyone who stops to hear.

But you don’t need to take it in.
Even if they’re friends or nearest kin.
‘Cause when you do, they get you down
All of their talk, gives you a frown.
So change the subject, talk bright and gay.
See good points in what they say.
It brings them joy to get you down;
They’ll walk away, when you don’t frown.

Remember this when doom and gloom
Disguised as friends, enter your room:
Problems are normal. This is true.
Bad things will happen to me and you.
It’s not the problems that are bad;
It’s what you do when times are sad.
Tribulations will come and go
For everybody this is so.

So when your friends of doom and gloom
Chance to enter into your room
Tell them, “It’s true that life’s not fair
But choose to live; or do you dare.
I’ve made my choice, you must make yours.
But if you choose to stay off life’s shores
I won’t let you get me down.
Life’s too sweet to wear a frown.”

Just choose to live no matter what
Even when it seems all doors are shut
No, life’s not fair for anyone
But choose to live until it’s done.
We all can live through tragedy.
Life’s what you choose to make it be.
So when you go into a room
Take in your light or take your gloom.

© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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From Musings of a Mediocre Man published September 2000.


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